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Kops Kill II

Open Letter to PC Nicholas Jackoon, PC Andrew  Moore, and PC Kerry Smith.

Dear Police Constables,

You started out as filth and ended up as the Filth’s  filth. You will never be forgiven.

If the City Police had not been confident enough to  eat the shit of the busted cover-up who knows what horrors might have been  exposed? A police force murderous from the top down? A police force willing and  able to walk the streets killing  at whim? Full frontal tyranny on the streets of London?

Do you understand what you have done? Do you  understand the box you have opened? And just because you would not stand by and see murder done.

What sort of coppers are you?

You are brown bread coppers.

You are finished. Your careers, your pitiful pensions, and when each of you is suitably fitted up as a child rapist, porno addict or  practicioner of Satanic rituals, your freedom: all finished.

You are not needed by anyone,

Except 13 million Londoners.

We need you.

Pllease do not go easy into the night, rage against the dying of the light. We are with you. We, the people whose liberty  you are charged to protect, need you.

Make it hard for them to do you in.

Yours Mike Lesser

[editor’s note: This story was carried by the  Guardian pp 1 and 6 on 8/4/’11.  Two of the officers named in this letter gave evidence at the inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson, resulting in the verdict of unlawful slaying. The third also volunteered information but this was not required to make the case  against PC Simon Harwood, who is entitled to a fair trial.]