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Dear Doctor


 Pic by Nick Victor

“Dear Doctor.

Oh the pain ! Blegged, done in, done over.

Why can’t I always be happy forever?  Shotcircuit to the Dex high,  hard for ever. Can’t come but feel good, for a while , then spaced out, dry, lost, and then down.

Doc, hey doc I’m so sad low down I got misery, I got celeb mags , computer games and web porn , but the pain chases me – if only…

My life mean nothing Doc, no mates, no people…nowhere safe. Why doc? Why is the world bad?”

The Doctor said, “The whole problem with evil is where to find it, is it in you or out there?”

“Now you’ve lost me, Doc.”

“Don’t worry.

You call it sad, well that’s too too sad. See, I call it depression , and all at once we have a solution. MAKE MISERY INTO MEDICINE!”

“He call it depression . Now its legit , I don’t have to score , just go along and moan with flattery. Say, “You are so kind good and selfless , and all for 100k a year.”

“I am Entitled to be happy – give me gimme gimme SSRI I cry – spaced lazy dazed , can’t come on that either but who cares SSRI for all, were all depressed but not for long now , and the money, the profit , its win win , no its win win win win ” All this serotonin does better than one hundred years of hail marys , forget faith , this dopamine gives you the answers we want, and you need. ”

“So tell me all about the war and what they fought each other for?”

“That I cannot tell,” Said he, “but take thees for a month and you will be cured of your illness. Just slouch on to Jerusalem and wait in the queue to be born.”




Doc Amygdala