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The Death of Osama Bin Laden Did Not Take Place

half 4 and the dawn is breaking and so’s the news. Broken at this crucial moment? Broken resolve or broken promises or broken resistance or he is dead or he is not, he always was.
The Death Of Osama Bin Laden Did Not Take Place?

or it did or it didn’t or it did or it didn’t and it makes no difference to all the people outside the White House. If a terrorist falls in a forest and noone hears, does it make a sound? This Emmanuel Goldstein figure, dead or alive, wanted dead or alive, useful dead or alive, to who? Some sort of two-minutes hate outside the White House, twisted into Patriot Acts, chanting mindlessly whooping and hollering on about nothing like hedony drones tuned to cheer for anything, flags waving caps backward, smiling for the camera, American Dream of a vanquished enemy or something, what difference does it make?  Maybe he was dead years ago, what difference does it make? The dead cannot contradict. Sometimes the living cannot, how many men does it take to make explosives and who will reveal the others? More than one man hiding in Pakistan.  Victory ten years on apparently, somehow a claim that ‘no americans were harmed’ ‘no americans were harmed’ ‘no americans were harmed’ that’s the importance it seems  ‘no americans were harmed…’  ‘careful of civilians…’  tonight maybe careful of civilains, tonight maybe for once…

‘america can do whatever’ it sets its mind to…’ as long as it has ten years, and a trophy death is what it sets its mind to

The war is dead long live the war

“Baudrillard argues that the style of warfare used in the Gulf War was so far removed from previous standards of warfare that it existed more as images on RADAR and TV screens than as actual hand-to-hand combat, that most of the decisions in the war were based on perceived intelligence coming from maps, images, and news, than from actual seen-with-the-eye intelligence.”

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