Frankie and Johnny Revisited


The colour of her hair

proved she didn’t care

Her solefull sigh

Promised someone would die;

A scared looking man pulled up a chair,

She sauntered over like the head witch doctor

He tried to pretend he didn’t care

But she knew that he had mocked her.

Before he got to say his say

She pulled a thirty eight and blew him away.

Everyone recognized a train wreck,

Hit the deck,

What the heck

A dirty coat’s beats a bullet in the neck.

She strolled out of the café

Iced a cop with the still smoking shooter

Muttered, ‘Guess I’m on my way.’

Jerked a kid of a Vespa scooter

Gunned the motor, left with a roar

Aint no one aint seen her any more.

Pic  Nick Vic Words Mike Lesser


Tsunami Horror

The Victorious Troops Of The “real” President Of Cote D’ivoire

Meanwhile here in Belize it is more Chicago 1922.  Four murders in the city over the weekend. Three on civilians as revenge on the State for the street strip searching of the whole funeral procession of a murdered gang member by the Gang Suppression Unit.
Monday, the Prime Minister announces detention without trial (90 days) for gang association.  He reminded us that the death penalty is still on the books (Belize left the Privy Council and joined the Carribean Supreme Court last year, so no chance of commutations of death penalties on appeal to the UK).
War in the city – and of the 20 British Army hand grenades that were stolen,  17  are still out there.

Robert Tasher

Scum Tsunami

 Simon Tyssko

Protest Outside The Daily Mail – Stop the Defamation – Stop the Lies

Thursday, April 14 · 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Daily Mail Headquarters, Young Street (off Kensington High Street), London W8 5TT

As part of the third National Day of Action Against Benefit Cuts a protest has been called outside the Daily Mail’s head office in Kensington on 14th April 2011.

The Daily Mail has a long history of abusing and defaming benefit claimants. Lurid headlines have dishonestly claimed that disabled people, people on sickness benefits, single parents and the unemployed are workshy, scroungers or even fraudsters. Hate filled rants by Daily Mail columnists have spewed out propaganda about the most vulnerable in society, which have been used by politicians of all major parties to launch an attack on the Welfare State.

Discredited Atos test results have been twisted to claim that two million people claiming sickness benefits are ‘cheats’.

Join us outside the Daily Mail’s Kensington headquarters to demand no more lies and no more defamation of disabled people, people with illnesses, parents, the low waged, the unemployed, carers and volunteers who are all set to face devastating cutbacks in the already meagre state support they receive.

Bring musical instruments, megaphones, banners, placards and come prepared to tell the truth as loudly as possible to the faceless hacks who write this poisonous garbage.

The protest will begin at 2pm. Nearest tube is Kensington High Street (not accessible sadly), which is also well served by bus routes.

At 5pm a protest is also being held outside Westminster City Hall to protest at the Housing Benefit caps as well as the ban on rough sleeping and food distribution in parts of the borough. This is a short bus or tube ride from the Daily Mail HQ. Details at the link below:

For full details on all protests on the day visit:

Ritz Crackers and Ritz cracked.

Solid With Black Block and UK Uncut.

We have a fine movement which embraces many different aspects of practical anarchism. Our strength, our ability to gather new strength and our capacity to create new modalities of struggle all spring from our diversity.

Diversity is the antidote to mass production culture.

On the 26th our tactics abolished the territory the state expected us to fight for.

Our strategy of evasion and provocation deprived the Government of control of the capital city.  

We demonstrated the power of variety as a doctrine.

Mike Lesser

The Anatomy Of The Class War

       cutting employment


     cutting unemployment



Niall McDevitt