Worth A Free Future To Work Now

tories got 10 million votes and the population is 60 million and they call it a mandate/And nobody wants them/And they know it so they rush things through that’ll damage us all for years to come/And the alternative has been nowhere but it’s emerging/But it must be open/It must not hide behind old jargon and old ideas for an old world that longer exists/It must not stick in cliques of like –minded folk but must challenge and inform and break out/People are unhappy and depressed and fed up and tired and apathetic and disillusioned and malcontented and angry and bored/But they don’t know why/Unfulfillable desires and empty lifestyles, distant idols to take nothing from/Circular insular, no concept of the future/Mainly money before people/Unaccountable corporations dictating from distance/People need change/After the anger an alternative/A new way must be presented/Not shrouded in academic jargon/The tools they use to enslave us can be turned against them/Propaganda and the presentation of an idealised new reality/We must imagine then work towards/We must know it will be hard, but believe that if we do things the right way one day it can be easier/We must know we will be ground down at times/And some people will say they don’t give a shit/And will gnaw on the empty teat of the broken state, desperate for milk even as it runs out/But we are right (as right as anyone can be, nobody is ever completely right don’t kid yourself that you are)/That in the past those who are correct win in the end, you choose your own idols/We must resist, but not hide away/We must know there will be shit thrown at us, but they must know that we will wade through it because we already are wading through it/And that there is good in all of us to be harvested for the benefit of everyone/That nobody wants to be angry/That much is wrong and the escape won’t be smooth/But we can win/And so we will win.


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