Books and Bikes

All Bikes are Weapons

“Bicycling is the nearest approximation I know to the flight of birds. 

The airplane simply carries a man on its back like an obedient Pegasus;

 it gives him no wings of his own.” 


Louis J. Halle, Spring in Washington

All bikes are weapons,

Making cyclists warriors

Who kick pollution

With their miracle

Machines that recycle greed –  


Wheels spinning around

Trillions and trillions of times

All on empty tanks –

Just an airy lungful 

Pumped tightly into two tubes

Causing nothing but


And liberation, instead of

Trails of filth and death.

On their bikes wise clowns

Keep pneumatic hoops gyrating

In perfect balance.

Oil rigs aren’t blown up.

There’s no spillage in the seas

From bicycle wars.

Bicycle power

Produces no exhaust fumes.

No carcinogens.

Man-powered machines

Are anti-capitalist –

You can’t meter air.

The bicycle is the

The most efficient machine

Ever created:

Stored up calories

Become gas – three thousand

Miles per gallon.

Bikes are subversive:

“Governments must help get rid

Of cars so that bikes

Can eliminate

Government” Dutch anarchists

Wrote in Amsterdam.

Few are unhappy

On bikes. People get angry

In their deadly cars.

On a recumbent

Bike the top speed is

A hundred and thirty-

Two kilometers

Per hour which, by rights, should make

Oil quite redundant.

While big oil clings to

Motorised suicide-bombs

For man’s transport

Revolving bike wheels

Postpone the end of the world –

Second by second.

‘Nothing compares to

The simple pleasure of a

Bike ride.’ J. F. K.

If he’d stuck to bikes

And ignored Dallas limos

He’d have lived longer.

What a decision!

Bicycles run on fat and

They save you money –

Cars run on money

And they make you fat.

A difficult choice. 

Heathcote Williams




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