Cops offer free sex and more

Dear friends,

would u believe this is true?  ACPO Ltd. is on a publicity drive, and wants to forge links with the community.  All you have to do is fwd this email to ten friends, and ACPO will send around a REAL police officer with loads of neat skills!  I thought this was a scam myself, but I have some friends in another town…  The woman in the picture (calling herself Lynn Watson) turned up to bake cakes and make sexual overtures!  This thing is for real – it’s even in the news!

please do not think this is a junk email.  Just fwd to ten others, and your very own police officer will soon arrive, eager to:

  *  do sex on you any time of the day or night
  *  lend you a van
  *  supply your parties with unlimited amounts of Es and weed
  *  introduce you to powerful contacts in law and industry
  *  Also, they’re generous to a fault with their Morse DVDs, and always up for a game of wink murder

Rest assured – these people have fat budgets and are REALLY promiscuous.   Be advised, however, they may also go and shag your friends, especially if they think they’re more important than you.  ‘Twas ever thus.
tony allen


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