Kops Kill


On 2nd November, 2010, an actor playing a masked gunman died after a volunteer policeman shot him.

 On 7 October 2010, Mark Saunders, a clearly mentally deranged barrister brandishing a shot gun, a weapon designed to have a short lethal range, died in a volley of high-powered police rifle fire.

 On June 05 2010, Ian Tomlinson, a London news vendor, was clubbed to death by the police.

 On 21 October 2005, a man armed with a wooden table leg was shot dead by police officers.

On 22 July 2005, Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian electrician, died in a hail of police bullets whilst sitting in a London tube train.

In the last 5 years at least 15 people have been shot and killed by police in England and Wales http://www.citizensreport.org/uk

No one has been charged with a criminal offence in relation to any of these matters. Same for the baton-wielding thugs who put our people in intensive care last month.

Yet some daft 18 year old kid called Edward Woollard, gets 32 months without hurting a fly. The judge says it pains him.

 We lost the war. The Gestapo thugs are here and kill in broad daylight. It doesn’t pain me. It makes me want to do like Churchill said we should – go out and take one of them with me.

Churchill asked, “What sort of people do they think we are?”

Well that’s up to us.

Mike Lesser


2 responses to “Kops Kill

  1. After the police killed Menezes there was anther incident when they shot an innocent Muslim in his home, wounding him. Everyone groaned again in disbelief, but my comment was: ‘Hey give the police a chance. They’re improving. Instead of killing innocent non-Muslims on public transport, they’re wounding innocent Muslims in the comfort of their own homes. They’ll get there eventually.’

  2. Niall you are a kind and generous soul. If you have correctly predicted the trajectory of Law and Order in UK next we can expect truncheon attacks on Women’s Institutes in Wiltshire. Then unarmed combat against school children and finally a mass suicide of police in a health club swimming pool in the West End of London.

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