Quo Vadis?

If the present unrest broadens its base to achieve mass popular support and if the present effort can be maintained then the national police forces may be ground down to the point that they can only control high value targets. First the State loses control of the countryside and inner cities. Then it loses control of the roads at night. Then it loses control of everything except its heavily defended bunkers.

Not impossible. Happened before, time and time again.

Imagine that we are right on the edge of winning.

What happened just before the glorious moment?  How did we organize ourselves and how did we reach the mass of the population?

What happens just afterwards?  Do a small power hungry faction replace our ramshackle tyranny? Can we expect anything better than a new mob of ruthless gangsters?

Just a few minutes before we win it will be too late to build decentralized power structures.

Clearly a new doctrine of struggle is emerging. We will not stick to the agreed route and, by so doing, we have exposed the State’s vicious nature.

We have dismissed top down leadership. We have generated national struggle.

But we have moved forward so quickly that the question of where we are going has not been seriously considered.

If we are struggling about more than a newspaper war about police violence than what are we struggling for?

Most of our ideology and most of our tactics are antique. The tactics will spontaneously evolve but our understanding of the direction of our struggle will not emerge in the same way. It will only exist if we begin and continue to ask each other where we are bound.

As things stand we are almost helpless against our own mechanical creations. We are the architects that the city designed and the city owns.

It may be that we can wrest control of our everyday lives from our mechanical environment.

We certainly do not need a Theory of Everything but if we destroy this society we must enter as active participants in the evolution of a new society.

Ask yourselves how. Ask now, later someone will snatch away your prize.

What were you doing five minutes before we won? What will you be doing five minutes afterwards?

Mike Lesser


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