Fightback Against Atos Censorship!

Republished in solidarity! – Latest news 15 websites and counting are now defying Atos’ empty legal threats.

The Carer Watch forums forced offline by poverty pimps Atos Origin are still not back despite Atos claiming to be willing to negotiate. It now appears that Atos are refusing to even state which posts on the site, a volunteer-run online meeting place for disabled people and their carers, they have deemed to be ‘libellous’.

This is the third website run by disabled activists and supporters which has been closed down by legal threats from IT company Atos Origin, despite no evidence that they have ever sought any redress via a court order.  In previous cases Atos have objected to parodies of their company logo (legal in many countries and a grey area in UK law) as well as the phrase ‘atos kills’ and the name of the Atos Register of Shame website (now back!).

In this latest development Atos have closed Carer Watch without even specifying which content they found libellous.  This is a worrying precedent and should concern all who use the internet as an alternative source of news.  It now seems as if any website even vaguely critical of Atos can face having their site taken offline after legal threats to their server/hosting company.

This vicious attack is an attempt to silence disabled people from talking about their experiences of Atos’ disability assessments, which have led to thousands of sick and disabled people being wrongly stripped of vital benefits.  This is all happening against the backdrop of a major Atos Corporation rebrand.  Atos have a new logo, revamped website, new facebook pages and appear to have adopted a more aggresive approach to promoting themselves online.  As they ironically will be managing IT systems for the paralympic games it is little wonder they want to hide the true face of their company – an organisation that has harrassed and bullied disabled people into suicide.

How to help

Since Atos seem so precious about their logo then online activists have been helping with their rebranding by suggesting a more honest corporate identity (see pics attached).  If you have a blog, website or facebook page please republish the images, or come up with your own, in solidarity with the websites already closed.  It is vital that every time Atos try to silence us we shout louder.  The internet is good at that kind of thing.

Atos’ new facebook page can be found at: comments aren’t staying up long, but there is a list of alternative Atos facebook pages to join on the left.

Please tweet and retweet about this story, using the hashtags #atos #atoskills #atosblog

Atos can be contacted on 020 7830 4444, ask for James Loughrey.

Finally please support and promote the next National Day of Action Against Atos on the 30th September.  Organise locally or join us in London outside the BMJ Recruitment Fair at the Business Design Centre in Islington.


Health Warning

Everyone wears the same things and wants to look diferent.

Everyone does the same things and wants to be special.

With so much to choose from you’d think there’d be a choice.

Everyone’s a camera with no film, nothing to photograph and no one to take the snap.

When full grown, the sea squid attaches itself to a rock and digests its brain.

Mike Lesser

Dear Doctor


 Pic by Nick Victor

“Dear Doctor.

Oh the pain ! Blegged, done in, done over.

Why can’t I always be happy forever?  Shotcircuit to the Dex high,  hard for ever. Can’t come but feel good, for a while , then spaced out, dry, lost, and then down.

Doc, hey doc I’m so sad low down I got misery, I got celeb mags , computer games and web porn , but the pain chases me – if only…

My life mean nothing Doc, no mates, no people…nowhere safe. Why doc? Why is the world bad?”

The Doctor said, “The whole problem with evil is where to find it, is it in you or out there?”

“Now you’ve lost me, Doc.”

“Don’t worry.

You call it sad, well that’s too too sad. See, I call it depression , and all at once we have a solution. MAKE MISERY INTO MEDICINE!”

“He call it depression . Now its legit , I don’t have to score , just go along and moan with flattery. Say, “You are so kind good and selfless , and all for 100k a year.”

“I am Entitled to be happy – give me gimme gimme SSRI I cry – spaced lazy dazed , can’t come on that either but who cares SSRI for all, were all depressed but not for long now , and the money, the profit , its win win , no its win win win win ” All this serotonin does better than one hundred years of hail marys , forget faith , this dopamine gives you the answers we want, and you need. ”

“So tell me all about the war and what they fought each other for?”

“That I cannot tell,” Said he, “but take thees for a month and you will be cured of your illness. Just slouch on to Jerusalem and wait in the queue to be born.”




Doc Amygdala



Kops Kill II

Open Letter to PC Nicholas Jackoon, PC Andrew  Moore, and PC Kerry Smith.

Dear Police Constables,

You started out as filth and ended up as the Filth’s  filth. You will never be forgiven.

If the City Police had not been confident enough to  eat the shit of the busted cover-up who knows what horrors might have been  exposed? A police force murderous from the top down? A police force willing and  able to walk the streets killing  at whim? Full frontal tyranny on the streets of London?

Do you understand what you have done? Do you  understand the box you have opened? And just because you would not stand by and see murder done.

What sort of coppers are you?

You are brown bread coppers.

You are finished. Your careers, your pitiful pensions, and when each of you is suitably fitted up as a child rapist, porno addict or  practicioner of Satanic rituals, your freedom: all finished.

You are not needed by anyone,

Except 13 million Londoners.

We need you.

Pllease do not go easy into the night, rage against the dying of the light. We are with you. We, the people whose liberty  you are charged to protect, need you.

Make it hard for them to do you in.

Yours Mike Lesser

[editor’s note: This story was carried by the  Guardian pp 1 and 6 on 8/4/’11.  Two of the officers named in this letter gave evidence at the inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson, resulting in the verdict of unlawful slaying. The third also volunteered information but this was not required to make the case  against PC Simon Harwood, who is entitled to a fair trial.]

Snuff Films at the White House

The Death of Osama bin Laden: Snuff Films at the White House

“Many that live deserve death. And some die that deserve life.  Can you give it to them? Then be not too eager to deal out death in the name of justice, fearing for your own safety. Even the wise cannot see all ends.”  

J.  R. R. Tolkien, The Lord Of the Rings, Book Four, Chapter  One

The US President

And his Secretary of State

Are watching snuff films.

US Navy Seals

Line up their chosen victims

Then kill them, one by one.

On a Seal’s helmet,

There’s a hidden camera

So that images

Of those they’re killing

Are fed back by satellite

To a viewing room

Inside the White House

Where the US Navy Seals’

Performance is judged

By the President.

Sheikh Osama bin Laden

Topples. Blood squirting.

The great and the good

Watch intently. Savoring

This death-orgasm –

This buzz the powerful

Get when causing death, claiming

That they’re still human.

When the audience

Has had its fun, the body

Is dropped into the sea.

Rhythmical cheering

Strikes up. ‘USA! USA!’

‘God loves the USA!’


‘The greatest country

‘In the history of the world!’

‘High fives all around.’

The US Emperor,

The first black President,

Who’s ironically

Invaded Africa:

Libya, Somalia, Sudan,

As well as Asia

Can’t stop himself there:

Just as all schoolboys enjoy

Pulling wings off flies,

A lens is focused

To watch trophy death-throes

Of an enemy.

As in ancient Rome,

Where crowds bayed for blood and death,

There’s ecstatic applause.

The rule of law’s absent:

No one’s captured. Or tried.

The victim’s unarmed.

‘Let’s watch someone die!’

The White House equips itself

For a voyeur’s crime –

‘Kill all his women!’

‘Wave to the White House, baby,

‘We’re filming your last breath!’


‘Hate our freedoms, huh?

‘Hate our Right to Happiness? –

‘We’ll jerk off while you croak.’


A box of Kleenex

Appears. Each takes a tissue

To wipe away tears.

They miss Osama,

For now they will have to think

Of more enemies –

Invaluable to

The war economy

Of theUSA.




Heathcote Williams

Virtual Jerry Springer Reality


Animation Robert Tasher and Mike Lesser   Text  by ???

The Death of Osama Bin Laden Did Not Take Place

half 4 and the dawn is breaking and so’s the news. Broken at this crucial moment? Broken resolve or broken promises or broken resistance or he is dead or he is not, he always was.
The Death Of Osama Bin Laden Did Not Take Place?

or it did or it didn’t or it did or it didn’t and it makes no difference to all the people outside the White House. If a terrorist falls in a forest and noone hears, does it make a sound? This Emmanuel Goldstein figure, dead or alive, wanted dead or alive, useful dead or alive, to who? Some sort of two-minutes hate outside the White House, twisted into Patriot Acts, chanting mindlessly whooping and hollering on about nothing like hedony drones tuned to cheer for anything, flags waving caps backward, smiling for the camera, American Dream of a vanquished enemy or something, what difference does it make?  Maybe he was dead years ago, what difference does it make? The dead cannot contradict. Sometimes the living cannot, how many men does it take to make explosives and who will reveal the others? More than one man hiding in Pakistan.  Victory ten years on apparently, somehow a claim that ‘no americans were harmed’ ‘no americans were harmed’ ‘no americans were harmed’ that’s the importance it seems  ‘no americans were harmed…’  ‘careful of civilians…’  tonight maybe careful of civilains, tonight maybe for once…

‘america can do whatever’ it sets its mind to…’ as long as it has ten years, and a trophy death is what it sets its mind to

The war is dead long live the war

“Baudrillard argues that the style of warfare used in the Gulf War was so far removed from previous standards of warfare that it existed more as images on RADAR and TV screens than as actual hand-to-hand combat, that most of the decisions in the war were based on perceived intelligence coming from maps, images, and news, than from actual seen-with-the-eye intelligence.”

kmtoms xx